What to eat in Goa

Goan food is an art form in its own right. Be it seafood in ‘Portuguese-style’ variants or modified versions of popular snack foods, it is a table of delights worth exploring. Here are some suggestions of popular Goan dishes you could try on your Goa trip.


The Xacuti curry:  This popular Goan dish is a rich, spicy coconut curry is spiced primarily with red chillies, nutmeg and star anise. It is usually made with chicken but can be made with pork or crab too. Have it with Goan red rice, or even with the Goan bread known as Poi or Pao.


Goan desserts: Here is a series of Goan sweets that are all coconut-based but are different in their preparation, ingredients and taste. The ‘boll’ (large, hard, sweet, cookie-like), ‘dodol’ (soft, pudding-like, flour-jaggery based dessert), ‘dosh’ (melt-in-mouth dessert like ‘barfi’), and ‘bebinca’ (layered cake) are some of the recommended ones. The ‘bebinca’ is a Goan bakery delight baked in a traditional stone oven. This is as authentic as Goan food can get!


Fried fish: Yes, it’s special and delicious at the same time. The ‘Rava fried fish’ is a seafood delight in which the fish is cut open, cleaned and stuffed with a paste of garlic, ginger and red chillies. The result is a mouth-watering, crunchy delight that will leave you with sublime memories of the Goan food you enjoyed on your Goa holiday.


Goan street food: Goa boasts of a variety of bakery and fried food items bustling on road-side stalls, all of them beyond exceptionally good in taste. Goa’s unique and age-old bakeries and roadside eateries have different versions of beef croquettes, egg chops, fish chops, vada pav, cutlet bread, prawn rissoi etc.


Caldinho curry: This sweetish, mellow curry is another coconut based Goan curry and can be made with chicken, prawns or vegetables. It is perfect for those wishing to try Goan food but not comfortable with high spice levels. Have it with rice or even bread.