Scuba Diving For Beginners Or Non Swimmers

Scuba Diving is an experience of a lifetime. The trip begins after you reach the dive centre at the provided slot timing. After the initial formalities and know how is over, your shallow water training begins. After that, we go for a dive. A dive professional is in the water with you at all times, and will handle your safety. Slot timings between (8 AM – 12 PM) is provided once your booking is confirmed.

Maximum depth of the program is 8m – how deep you go will depend on your comfort level in the water and the instructor’s discretion. The dive duration depends on you, your air consumption and comfort level. This program lasts for approximately 30 – 40 Minutes and the total Scuba diving experience including basic training and know how is about 2 Hours.

Your trip begins at a given allotted time from the dive shop where you gear up with all necessary scuba jackets, oxygen masks and other equipment required for Scuba Diving. You are taught various signs and basics about how to use the equipment under water. All necessary safety procedures are taught before the dive begins. We follow the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) general standards and recommendations.