This is one of the most thrilling adventure activities in Solang Valley that make you feel alive. It makes you feel like a carefree bird who has the freedom to fly anywhere with the help of its wings. Soak in the fresh air with this adventurous sport and wander around the mystical mountains. There is also a training institute in Himachal Pradesh, namely Himachal Aero Institute, situated in Bilaspur that offers you the right training to start your paragliding career. The state has plenty of popular sites where you can try paragliding. Its breathtaking scenes are going to offer you a lifetime experience. This sport, too, is not for the faint hearted and has expert guidance who guide you through the entire experience.

Ideal for: Youth, friends, and family
Best Time: Mid December to February
Location: Bijli Mahadeo, Bir or Billing, Solang, Manali, Pabbar Valley