Full Moon Party

Get ready to savor flavors of an exceptional night with the much celebrated Full Moon Party that transports you to pure ecstatic world – Full Moon Party: In the late hours of dusk, you will be transferred to Kohphangan or Koh Phangan for this carnival as included in your 5 days in Koh Samui. It is believed that the most beautiful moon shines in Koh Phangan and when the round yellow moon pops up, the white beach glistens in its light, creating a breathtaking scenery. At twilight, thousands of lamps are lit that add to the rendezvous with the moon. As the evening deepens, the beach transforms into a DJ floor, and you won’t be able to resist the urge to let your hair down.

Schedule for Full Moon Party 2020 :

  • Sunday 8 March
  • Tuesday 7 April
  • Thursday 7 May
  • Friday 5 June
  • Tuesday 7 July
  • Tuesday 4 August
  • Wednesday  2 September
  • Saturday 3 October
  • Saturday 31 October
  • Monday 30 November
  • Tuesday 29 December